StoxMarket Review

StoxMarket Review

Binary options brokers are generally regarded as being way more likely to accumulate users considerable monetary sums than auto-pilot software. StoxMarket is the name of a newly-released platform whose creators promise to provide a protected and ensured trading process.

The online brokerage offers a wide variety of over 100 tradable assets and covers several different investment fields, namely Forex, binary options and CFD trading. It was established by a group of experienced traders who have vast training in the above described areas.

This is why they managed to design a binary investment broker that has up to 85% payouts, depending on the account type the particular user has chosen. Even though it is still pending its CySEC certificate and approval, they are anticipated in the most recent of times.

Review Verdict: StoxMarket is NOT a Scam

Existing user feedback is mainly positive and most people who have signed up with the Stox Market platform appear to be completely satisfied by the results it generates.

The exclusive inquiry we made into the brokerage goes to prove that it is a legit and trustworthy profit-amplifying method.

How to Operate with StoxMarket?

It is extremely hassle-free to operate with the StoxMarket brokerage because it utilizes the Metatrader 4 platform. The latter is infamous among founders of binary options brokers and regular users for the high speed at which it operates and the fact that it is extremely reliable.

While traders who take advantage of other software might go through the unpleasant and troublesome experience of having their investment process interrupted because of a sudden bug, this is not likely to happen with StoxMarket.

Interesting Fact:

The success rate of a given binary options broker or auto-trading system depends very much on the platform it applies. This is mainly because online investment operations tend to cease the momentum of a particular situation when a given asset’s price is about to move up or down. It is very important for a trade to be placed at just the right time.

No Necessary Download

No Necessary Download

One of the best things about StoxMarket is that it is entirely web-based. The online brokerage platform will function just as well on any given device or browser type, not requiring users to carry out any additional downloading of updates or software.

How to Open a StoxMarket Account?

This binary options broker’s registration procedure completely mimics that of others. Once users have chosen an account type from the three available account types: Silver, Gold and VIP. The required initial deposits are a little bit higher than the expected industry standard, but the creators of the brokerage make up for this with high RoI and unbeaten quality of service.

Users have to place $1,000 in order to open a Silver Account and in exchange they are granted free access to StoxMarket’s expanded virtual Education Center and a Personal Account Manager to take care of everything that they have troubles with.

The Gold Account requires a $5,000 investment and user can make use of the same special features as in the Silver one, plus an additional daily market signals and Personal Analyst.

The VIP has the highest starting deposit – $20,000 and online traders can take advantage of all of StoxMarket’s specific characteristics.

The summarized version of the binary options broker’s sign up process goes on as follows:

  • Open Trading Account
  • Place Initial Deposit
  • Trade & Withdraw Earnings
  • StoxMarket Expected Returns

Depending on the account type one has chosen, he can expect anywhere between 70% and 85% payouts. The amount can vary but generally anyone, without view of his professional or scholarly trading experience, can anticipate solid daily returns.
Stox Market Average Price

One can get started with this particular binary options broker completely free-of-charge. Other than the initial deposit, there is no other monetary sum which has to be placed. Even the starting investment can be withdrawn whenever the user wishes so.

Is StoxMarket Broker a Scam or Legit?

All available data about this binary options broker suggests that it is a legit and proven to work way in which online traders can easily amplify their profits without devoting much efforts or energy on their part. They can receive all the additional investment knowledge they need in StoxMarket’s digital learning facility.

Review Verdict: StoxMarket is NOT a Scam

The binary options broker’s provided account types and the special features they include are more exquisite than those of most other platforms and Stox Market operates implementing some of the most strict security and safety standards.

Users can proceed to open a trading account with it and enjoy a profitable and fulfilling investment experience.

Reliable Customer Care Service

The support team of StoxMarket operates around the clock in order to address the needs and concerns of customer from different countries in the world. Composed only of highly-qualified professionals, the care service can be reached via live chat, email and telephone.

User Testimonials:

StoxMarket may be completely new on the online financial market, but I have had a Silver account with it for the last couple of months and it has never failed to satisfy my needs.

For what is worth, I even started working from the comfort of my own home, designing small sculptures and selling them in my small e-shop. I have enough time for family and friends and enough funds to be on constant vacations. Anyone can have what I do if they use StoxMarket!”

Viona Apeldoorn, 27, Netherlands

I hesitated opening an account with StoxMarket for a very long time because the binary investment broker is still new. However, a very close friend of mine tried it and was quite content with the results.

This is why I proceeded to join too. It accumulated me a couple of thousands in the first week and has continued earning me solid daily amounts ever since! Truly reliable and trustworthy!”

 Hans Zimmer, 39, Germany


Our in-depth inquiry into StoxMarket has arrived at the conclusion that this binary options broker is a legit and secure choice for online traders. It might be a brand new platform, but the response of users has been so positive and the presented investment results are more than satisfactory. The brokerage’s characteristics, parameters and payouts are also solid.