Stern Options Review

Stern Options Review

Stern Options is the name of a new binary options that combines cutting-edge technology with a wide variety of over 120 assets from which users can choose. It was established a couple of months ago in early 2016 and has already managed to establish a community of satisfied traders.

The company behind the platform is called GUM Ltd. and its registered headquarters is located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. The online brokerage software has been upgraded several times in order to be able to supply investors with more opportunities to achieve success.

It means that the binary brokerage platform is available in both English and German, with more languages expected to be added pretty soon. The way SternOptions operates is simplistic, but profitable.

The present review seeks to provide users with sufficient information and exclusive details about the binary options broker. Anyone who wishes to acquire further knowledge should continue reading below.

How to Work with Stern Options?

SternOptions utilizes a trading platform which allows it to process information at a much higher speed than most other. This is one of the main reasons why it falls among 2016’s preferred brokers.

It offers transparency of all the conducted procedures and applies some of the most strict 128-bit encryption security standards. All personal data is stored into 3 separate servers located on different countries around the globe, so users can rest assured that their funds are safe.

Review Verdict: Stern Options is NOT a Scam

No Download Necessary

SternOptions is a binary options broker which is entirely browser-based. One has to be in possession only of a stable Internet connection in order to trade and win. The platform will operate just fine on any given device type, no matter is the user prefers a desktop or smart device.

How to Open a SternOptions Account?

There is nothing complicated about opening a SternOptions account. Users have to pick the one that best suits their personal preferences and needs and then enter the initial investment it requires. The lowest possible amount is just $250.

One should always keep in mind that the higher it is – the more the expected winning ratio rises. This binary options broker provides excellent conditions by which online traders can amplify their RoI rates.

Most account types feature a Personal Account Manager whose sole purpose is helping investors get accustomed to the platform and customizing it exactly according to their very own wishes.

A summary of the brokerage’s registration procedure follows below:

  1. Sign Up Free
  2. Make Starting Deposit
  3. Win & Withdraw Earnings

Interesting Fact:

Legit binary options brokers invest a lot of funds to develop and further enhance their trading platform so that they can assure online traders that maximum results will be achieved with minimum efforts.

SternOptions Broker Returns

The average expected payout varies from 70 to 85%, depending on whether the user is completely novice or a skilled or professional trader. But no matter what the acquired experience is – everyone can anticipate steady and solid daily winnings.

Stern Options Estimated Cost

Stern Options Estimated Cost

There is no initial fee other than the starting deposit required so that one can begin utilizing the Stern Options binary broker. It is also important to be noted that the said monetary sum can be withdrawn at any given time if the user wishes so.

Is SternOptions a Scam or Legit?

All available information that we were able to come across about Stern Options points to the fact that it is a legit binary investment platform that handles traders’ funds with care and manages to keep them safe and secure.

It features its very own digital Trading Academy – a type of virtual learning facility which has video tutorials on how to get started with the broker as well as in-depth, introductory and advanced courses. One can also find an interactive eBook and a very useful Economics Event Calendathere.

Review Verdict: Stern Options is NOT a Scam

24/7 Customer Support Service

The customer care unit can be accessed in two different languages: German and English. As the SternOptions platform is expected to expand pretty soon and be translated into several other ones, the same is anticipated for the support service. For the time being, it can be reached via email, telephone and live chat around the clock and is reported address pressing matters with promptness and a friendly attitude.

User Testimonials:

I got started with Stern Options only recently, but can state that I am fully satisfied with the results it began achieving for me. I opened the most basic account type which requires only a minimum investment of $250, but this did not stop the platform from generating me a couple of thousands in the first week alone. Anyone who seeks to earn a solid online income in a hassle-free manner should try it.”

– Carla Peterson, 39, Sweden

This binary options broker has helped me better my life in so many ways. I was basically broker when I signed up with SternOptions, having recently gone jobless and being without prospects of improving my situation.

Nowadays, I don’t worry about how much is in my bank account and I enjoy my free time much more than I ever did before.”

– Miguel Ramirez, 42, Spain


Our investigation into the Stern Options binary broker makes us consider the platform as being completely legit and capable of ensuring a satisfactory and profitable investment experience to users. Its Trading Academy will provide them with all the information about how to execute successful financial operations online. The brokerage has been generating only positive feedback.