Plus Option Review

Plus Option Review

PlusOption is a binary options broker that is 100% web-based and promises to provide a user-friendly trading experience to its clients. It was founded and established by expert investors, big data analysts and computer geniuses and this is to whom the success and popularity of the platform is attributed.

The brokerage features a diverse portfolio of products and the expanded Plus Academy – a virtual education center which has educational materials presented in written and video form. It was the first one to present a trading TV channel to online users.

Our inquiry into PlusOption managed to determine that one of the best things about it is that it has clear risk/profit ratios and payouts from 82% to 87%. All available user feedback suggests that the binary investment broker is reliable, legit and authentic.

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How to Use PlusOption?

The binary online brokerage utilizes the SpotOption 2.0 trading platform which is widely regarded as one of the best in the industry. It is highly popular and implemented into the operational process of some well-respected auto-pilot systems.

As we already mentioned, PlusOption offers its clients the ability to learn as they acquire profits. This is possible thanks to the extended volume of learning materials available at the Plus Academy. There are several sections dedicated to the different types of investors – beginners, in-depth and advanced courses.

Super Trader TV is the name of the Internet investment channel which streams from the binary options broker’s official website. Guest lecturers who talk about different trading strategies, techniques and economic events are featured quite often.

Interesting Fact:

PlusOption is one of the very few online broker platforms that compensates users in case of trades who have had a losing outcome. The refund can reach 10% and is granted even to out-of-the-money options.

No Necessary Download

This binary options broker is fully browser-based. It can operate without complications on any given device type. Investors who prefer to trade on the go will find this extremely useful as it does not matter whether one has a tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop PC.

How to Open an Account with PlusOption?

This binary options broker’s sign up procedure mimics exactly that of other legit platforms. One can even watch a demo video which shows on PlusOption’s official website which shows exactly how one can open an account.

There are four main account types which differ in the range of provided special features as well as the initial deposit amount. One can open a Micro Account in exchange for $250 and be entitled to daily market review and multiple trading alerts. The Silver Account requires a $2,500 deposit and offers a Personal Account Manager.

One can open a Gold Account for $10,000 and get Protection of Capitals, Financial Plan and interactive Webinars. The Diamond acquires the highest investment of $50,000 and users can take advantage of Quick Withdrawals and VIP Events, Higher Payouts and Special Ventures.

The short version of how to get started with PlusOption is:

  • Register Free
  • Open Account
  • Invest & Win

PlusOption Average Returns

This binary options broker offers its clients many ways in which they can amplify their earnings. The payout range from 82% to 87% and the higher investment one decides to place means that he can also expect higher returns.

PlusOption Broker Cost

One does any kind of monetary amounts in order to open a broker account. The sign up is completely free. Users only have to place the starting deposit that their account type of choice requires which can be returned back to them at any time.

Is PlusOption Broker a Scam or Legit?

Is PlusOption Broker a Scam or Legit?

All the information that we could come across about PlusOption broker suggests that it is a reliable and legit opportunity for online traders to amplify their annual income considerably. It has unique special features, characteristics and parameters, among which the Super Trader TV stands out the most.

Investors are best advised to proceed and open a Plus Options account as it regards the security of one’s personal funds and data as a top priority. The online investment brokerage is one of the top trading choices on the Internet.

Review Verdict: PlusOption is Not a Scam

rusted Customer Support Service

The customer support service of this binary options broker is trustworthy and always ready to come to the rescue when clients need it. Telephone and live chat teams can be reached 24/7 and the email response is a little bit delayed.

User Testimonials

“PlusOption is one of the best binary options platforms on the Internet. I opened my account with it at the beginning of 2016 and I can still not believe my eyes every time I look up the results. It is highly accurate and the Plus Academy is full of interesting features, of which I find the Super Trader TV to be the most exquisite and engaging one.”

Sabrina Liebelund, 36, Germany

“When I got started with PlusOption, it was a brand new binary investment broker on the Internet. I, myself, was in a personal black hole, trying to figure out what to do with my life. Artistic by nature, I did not want a regular 9 to 5 job, but as a single mom I had to support my baby. Thank to the brokerage I could start my new happy life all over again.”

Kyla Sibeko, 27, South Africa


 PlusOption binary options broker is a safe and secure platform which can accumulate sufficient funds to all users without view of their previous trading experience or the lack of such. Online users can safely open an account with it and expect to generate enough while further educating themselves.