Simple Auto Trading system is a newly launched binary options software that promises significant returns on binary options investments. It was created by an expert trader with the intention of providing online investors a tool that they could use to generate online revenue without undertaking any significant risks.

During our investigation, we found out that Simple Auto Trading is a reliable solution. It definitely has the potential to deliver on its promise. It is not only easy to use, but it is highly profitable. Anyone can use the software to earn an online income, even if the person doesn’t have any prior knowledge of the financial markets.

How To Use?

It is quite easy to use Simple Auto Trading system because the software is 100% automated. The software makes use of complex algorithms to analyze the financial markets and generate signals. The accuracy level is pretty high which makes Simple Auto Trading system a reliable choice for investing in binary options. Traders get full control of the trading process, thanks to the highly configurable and customizable settings.

No Download Required

In order to use the software, there is no specific requirements that traders have to follow. The software can be used on any device that is connected to the internet. The software is completely web-based and is compatible with a range of operating systems including Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS and Android.

Review Verdict: Simple Auto Trading is NOT a Scam
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The Getting Started Process

As we have already mentioned in this review, the getting started process is really simple. It involves a quick sign up process followed by adding a deposit and activating the software. Traders have to add a monetary amount of $250 in their trading accounts once they get access to the software. the amount is not payment for any services, but it will entirely be used by the trader to invest on assets.

Expected Returns

Before the software was officially released on the market, it was backtested with an accuracy of 94%. Since its launch, a large number of traders have used it and they have confirmed that the accuracy is around 94%.

How Much Does It Cost?

At the moment, Simple Auto Trading is available for free. The creators are giving away this free software so traders who are struggling to earn an online income can get access to an effective took to increase their revenue.

Simple Auto Trading – Legit Or Not?

With so many bogus auto trading systems floating on the market today, it is important for traders to proceed with caution. There are many systems that claim to be 100% accurate, but are not. It is not possible for any automated system to make 100% correct predictions all the time. So if any system is giving such guarantee or making such claims, then traders must simply stay away from them.

Review Verdict: Simple Auto Trading is NOT a Scam
Visit Simple Auto Trading Official Website

Simple Auto Trading doesn’t make any kinds of bold claims or extravagant promises. The software has been tested and proven to work. It has the potential to deliver 94% accuracy results.

The software has a lot of amazing features that make it capable of attaining such impressive results. when during a research online, we did not come across any serious complaints about it. Traders are enjoying the trading experience and they have only good things to say about Simple Auto Trading.

Considering the reviews from independent traders and our own findings, it is evident that Simple Auto Trading is a legit software.

Interesting Fact:

Simple Auto Trading system comes with demo trading features. This means that before traders put in their hard earned money into the system, they can test it for free. There are not many auto trading solutions on the market today that offer this exclusive feature.

Customer Support

Simple Auto Trading has a team of professionals that work round the clock to deliver an exceptional customer support service. The team is highly trained and well versed in the different aspects of binary options trading. they offer a high level of support and always ensure that their clients have an amazing trading experience.


“I have been using Simple Auto Trading since it was launched and I can say that my experience has been really good. I am able to withdraw my earnings on a weekly basis which really helps me manage my expenses. The software has worked really well for me and I advise investors to use it and see its true potential.

I am sure anyone who uses it will be able to find success in binary options trading.”

– William, 34


Our final thoughts about Simple Auto Trading is that it is a safe and reliable option for trading binary options. Feedback from genuine users have been positive which means that it is safe to recommend this software to anyone who wants to be a successful binary options trader.