Simple Auto Trading Review

Simple Auto Trading is a new automated trading software that has entered the market. This software promises massive returns on investments and it also claims to make the entire trading process easy and convenient for traders. According to information available on their website, Simple Auto Trading is a free investment tool and its users don’t have to pay anything for using it to accumulate profits.

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Recently, we carried out a research to find out what Simple Auto Trading really is and whether there is any truth to the claims they have been making. Our findings reveal that although this is not a scam software, it is not a great choice for investors and day traders. More details of our investigation have been highlighted in this comprehensive review. So continue reading and learn all you need to about this trading app before signing up for it.

Our team found a lot of negative feedback and Simple Auto Trading failed our test metrics for safety. We cannot confirm that trading with Simple Auto Trading is secured and profitable. We advise you to Proceed to Safety OR choose from the approved and safe trading platforms:

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An Introduction to Simple Auto Trading

From the time Simple Auto Trading has been launched, many people are thinking whether to use it or not. When it comes to choosing automated trading, investors look for something that can actually help them boost their earnings. They want an accurate and reliable system that can deliver the kind of trading results they expect.

The launch of Simple Auto Trading System gave investors some hope because of the claims and promises that have been attached to this app. But our findings reveal that this software doesn’t have the potential to stand up to its promise. While it is an easy to use solution for both experienced and novice traders, its success rate is much lower than what they have advertised.

It is incorrect to say that Simple Auto Trading is the best trading tool available on the market today. It is also incorrect to say that the trading signals it generates are accurate and reliable. The fact about Simple Auto Trading is that it is a basic trading software and has basic features. While it comes up with its own trading signals and executes trading tasks for its users, it can lead to more losses than gains, resulting in the traders losing their investment capital fairly quickly.

Interesting Fact:

Many people are under the impression that they cannot invest in options if they are based in the USA. While it is illegal to solicit people residing in the USA to invest in commodity options, the residents can trade legally if their broker is based in the same country and their broker is registered with CFTC.

How Does Simple Auto Trading Operate?

To be able to use Simple Auto Trading tool, users must first complete a free sign up process and then register with a broker that is assigned to them. An initial deposit of $250 must also be added to the account before traders can use this software to auto-trade.

From the information that we collected from the official website of Simple Auto Trading, it appears to be an easy to use software. It works on its own to analyze the financial markets, come up with signals and execute trading tasks for its users. But we don’t advice traders to sign up for it and use it because most probably, it can drain traders’ investment funds.

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The software is fully automated, but not reliable. The signals aren’t accurate and it certainly doesn’t have a success rate anywhere near 83%. There are claims that Simple Auto Trading utilizes indicators for technical analysis, but this is not true. This basic trading app doesn’t have any advanced features. Its operational mechanism is based more on luck than analysis and prediction. On some days, traders can expect little returns, but on others they can lose all of their investment. So basically, Simple Auto Trading is a risky software and traders can end up having their accounts wiped out if they let the software operate on their behalf.

Can Simple Auto Trading System Be Trusted?

Simple Auto Trading is not worth the time, attention or investment because so far we have found it to be quite unreliable. Although we did not come across any scam elements or shady connections, we advise traders against using this app. The market has witnessed better and proficient systems being launched and it only takes a bit of research to find the one that is worth investing in.

As far as this trading tool is concerned, it has some basic features and characteristics that allows it to work in favor of its users to some extent. If the software had more advanced features, it would have been useful for traders. After all, accuracy and reliability are the main things that traders look at when searching for an automated tool for investment.

There is no trading app that is perfect, but there are some which has the potential to produce better results than the others. So instead of risking your capital with this software where the returns can fall below average at times, it is better to find a solution that is proven to work.

Final Words

Traders from across the globe have shown dissatisfaction with Simple Auto Trading. The main reason that we have been able to come up with is that it lacks special features and perhaps this is why it is not so useful for investors.

There are not many beneficial tools that can appeal to traders. They do have a customer support centre, but it doesn’t serve much purpose when the software itself is not up to the mark. Many traders will not be satisfied with the results they obtain with this app and this is the reason we are not going to recommend it at the end of this review.

Bottom Line

thumb downSimple Auto Trading is being promoted as an authentic and profitable auto trading software but we consider it as a potential risk as it already has lots of complaints.

We advise you to use attention with the Simple Auto Trading since we cannot confirm the safety and there are a lot of paid actor testimonials, impossible revenue gains with no convincing proof of the profits.

Simple Auto Trading has a high possibility of being a scam binary options robot so we advise you to choose another trusted and approved scam-free software to trade with.



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