Opteck is a binary options broker that was founded in early 2011. Its customer satisfaction rates have been sky-rocketing in the last year. Anyone can utilize the platform with great success as its provided special features allow for complete beginners and sophisticated users alike to achieve great success with it.

Feedback about it has been mainly positive and the online brokerage platform wouldn’t have continued to attract so many new members throughout the years if it wasn’t in possession of reliable and interactive trading tools.

One of the main reasons why Opteck is regarded as a legit and trustworthy binary options broker is that it is officially regulated by CySEC and also has the approval of MiFID. It also applies some of the toughest security and safety measures and standards.

We carried out an exclusive inquiry into the brokerage in order to determine whether it is a scam or legit. The results came back more than promising and are presented in the detailed review below.

How Does Opteck Broker Function?

One is enabled to make deposits and withdrawals via several different means. Investors can do so via credit, debit cards and Wire Transfers. There is also the possibility to use Neteller, Skrill and other e-Wallets.

Opteck also features an expanded virtual university with courses on CFDs and binaries. They are presented in a format which is bilateral and easy-to-understand. Traders appear to be most impressed by the vlog lectures in which often appear prominent professional financiers.

Interesting Fact:

Vlog courses are becoming more and more popular among the binary options industry. Many broker platforms now introduce their educational materials in a format that is more interactive and mimics popular do-it-yourself clips which can be found on YouTube.

No Necessary Download

An important thing which should be noted about the Opteck binary investment broker is that it is completely browser-based. One should not have to worry about the device type he likes to trade with because it is also available as a mobile app. The name of the brokerage is derived from the fact that it combines options trading with sophisticated technology.

How to Open an Opteck Account?

First of all, one has to enter his best details into a sign up form. He will then be contacted by an Opteck representative via telephone or email in order to confirm them.

The hardest part is choosing an account type as most of them have excellent special features. Silver would be the preferred choice as it provides access to 24/6 customer care, daily market news and reviews as well as price alerts, PRO Trading Webinars and private financial consultations.

Other available account types are: Basic, Bronze, Gold, Platinum, Black and Islamic. The lowest possible deposit is $250.

The summarized version of how to get started with Opteck goes on as follows:

  1. Sign Up Free
  2. Make Starting Investment
  3. Profit & Withdraw

Opteck Average Expected Returns

Payouts generally depend on the account type one has chosen and the monetary sum he has decided to trade with. It is best to place a bigger one as the returns also increase reciprocally. The average RoI revolves around 70%-75%, so users can expect satisfactory and solid profits.

Opteck Binary Broker Cost

Users can sign up with this binary options broker absolutely free-of-charge. The only sum that has to be placed is the starting deposit of $250, but one should keep in mind that this is used to fund his personal trading account and can be taken back at any time.

Is Opteck a Scam or Legit Broker?

Opteck is one of the top-rated binary options brokers on the Internet. It has been around for a couple of years now and existing user testimonials go to prove that people have been quite satiated with the trading services and various investment tools it offers.

The pieces of evidence we were able to collect go to prove that the online brokerage platform is a legit and authentic choice. Moreover, it is certified and subject to monitoring on the part of CySEC. Users can safely proceed to open an account with it.

Review Verdict: Opteck is NOT a Scam

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Opteck Customer Care Service

A peculiar thing about the Opteck broker platform is that its customer support operates six days a week. This is because it mirrors the schedule of the world’s biggest stock exchanges. The care service team is reportedly quite friendly and always willing to provide advice and guidance.

User Testimonials:

I opened my Opteck account about two years ago. I started at the lowest possible level – with the Basic one, but started climbing higher up the ladder not long after. My personal opinion is that Opteck is an amazing binary options platform which is fully capable of delivering the promised.”

– Ankje, 34, Sweden

There is nothing better than knowing that you are trading with a reliable and genuine trading partner. Opteck is all of this. Its CySEC certificate goes on to prove this.

I have had a Gold Account for some time now and could not be more satisfied. My average returns are between 70%-75% which is more than wonderful.”

– Charles, 43, Belgium


This review concludes that Opteck is a legit and reliable binary options broker that is fully capable of generating solid daily profits along and offers an excellent opportunity for novices to expand their trading knowledge in an engaging and interactive way.

It stores all personal data and users’ financial funds into several separate servers, so online investors can rest assured that they are kept safe and sound.