IQ Option is the name of a brand new digital options platform that joined the online industry back in 2013. It is so prominent that it partners with a number of established and well-known brands such as the automobile manufacturer Aston Martin.

The average payouts are consistent and these results are confirmed by the abundance of positive feedback that users have been issuing about the platform. Not only this, but there are over 200 assets from which traders can choose the one that best suits their needs.

The digital options platform provides users with many unique and useful special features which they can apply in their everyday investment operations. A fine example of this would be the highly advanced Education Center.

If one would like to learn more about the online options platform, then continue reading the exclusive IQOption review that follows below. It was compiled on the base of an exhaustive investigation into the Internet brokerage.

How to Work with IQ Option?

This digital options platform is extremely smooth and simple to operate with – it utilizes a sophisticated trading platform. IQ Option does not charge any additional fees, nor a commission tax. It generates earnings for its founding team on the base of the monthly investment volume.

The platform works implementing a simple principle. In basic it is that for any given price rate there is a person who is willing to purchase the option and someone who wishes to sell it. All clearing is carried out solely in the system and risk factors are passed onto the market maker.

Interesting Fact:

IQOption functions according to the mathematical law of large numbers. In simpler words this would mean that the odds for success are higher than the opposite.

No Download Required

This digital options platform is fully web-based. It will operate without troubles on any given browser type and without view if the device is a desktop or smart one. All additional software updates are done automatically.

How to Get Started with IQOption?

One of the things that make IQOption different from the other brokerages on the Internet is the fact that it does not provide account types. This would mean that all traders who get started with the brokerage are presented with equal opportunities.

In order to get started with the brokerage, users only have to enter their best details into a sign up form. They will then be invited to place the minimum deposit of $250 and can proceed to trade and profit with a starting sum as small as $10.

The short version of how to register with IQOption is as follows:

  1. Open Account
  2. Make Initial Deposit
  3. Trade & Withdraw

IQOption Average Returns

During our preliminary investigation of IQOption, we managed to find out that it provides excellent returns. Eeveryone can expect a solid initial return and it can rise up to 92% the more one upgrades his trading skills in the platform’s Education Center.

IQ Option Price

This online options platform does not require users to make any kind of monetary payment other than the starting $250 which are utilized for the purpose of funding one’s account and getting him started and profiting.

Website Preview

Is IQOption Broker a Scam or Legit?

Apart from the excellent results that IQOption is capable of achieving, it also provides reliable services. Moreover, it has a sponsorship deal with Aston Martin and several other prominent companies.

On the base of all of the above stated information we regard the digital options platform as legit, reliable and reputable. Users will not be making a mistake if they sign up with it. The brokerage is capable of delivering high payouts and trustworthy services.

Review Verdict: IQ Option is NOT a Scam

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IQOption Customer Support Service

The customer support service of IQOption is widely regarded as one of the industry’s best. The client care team is composed only of professionals who have undergone specific training. They can be accessed 24/7 via telephone, live chat and email.

User Testimonials:

I have had an account with this digital optionsplatform since the beginning and I am satisfied to say the least. It is one of the top financial service provider that has ever been released onto the Internet. IQOption managed to turn my life around – a couple of years ago I was completely broke and jobless. Now, I am a financially independent online author who constantly travels to exotic places!”

– Carla, 31, Valencia

I could not believe at what fantastic results is IQOptions capable of generating. I am currently earning a couple of thousand a week and could not be more satisfied. All it takes is just a couple of mouse clicks and the profits will start coming! I now enjoy leading the lifestyles I always dreamed of!”

– Marcus, 39, Manchester


IQOption is a digital options platform that is fully capable of achieving great results to online traders of all kinds.

Available feedback has been more than positive – it is praising and there are close to no platform complaints. One can proceed to open an account with the digital options platform in a smooth and sound manner.


General Risk Warning:

The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.