about usBinary options trading is among the easiest ways to generate additional income online. That is why so many people are interested in it. The problem arises when novice traders turn to this type of investments. Binary trading targets beginners, every day people who have never traded before because it is easy and intuitive. For that reason, so many aspiring investors get scammed.

Novices are the easiest prey for the so-called scammers that have flooded the industry. Frauds aim at their inexperience and lack of knowledge, and exploit their hopes for a stable income with false promises. Beginners do not know how to tell the difference between reliable trading partners and often sign up for scam platform providers. Our team thinks it is high time that an end is put to misleading advertising and fake promotions that hurt so many budgets.

That is our motivation for creating 10BinaryBrokers. We are professional traders with long years of experience in binary options trading, though we come from all walks of life. Our focus is on binary brokers. 10BinaryBrokers is the product of long years of hard labor. We strive to provide accurate and objective information about the different broker platforms you can use. There are over 400 brokers out there, some are authentic, most are scam. Thanks to investigations like ours, a lot of fraudulent platforms have been shut down. We wish to contribute for the creation of a scam-free binary industry.

The goal of 10BinaryBrokers is to turn into a binary evaluation platform for brokers. We conduct thorough investigations, most initiated by us, others we do on a lead from other traders. We are going to act swift if you contact us with a question concerning a given broker. Our investigations include trading tests and examination of all the offered special features. We carefully comb through the Bonus policy of every brokerage in search of the fine print. And we evaluate reliability and performance, concerning both the platform and the payment methods.

Our professional team has developed an evaluation method, done step by step and with precision, so that we can be of help to the user. On 10BinaryBrokers you will be able to find educational materials and basic information that can help you distinguish the scam from the legit broker platform.

We have also provided a list of the most trusted brokers that show consistent results and have proven to be reliable during our tests and investigations.

See our list of recommended and trusted brokers Here.