10markets-tradingHere we are going to show our readers a remarkable example of professional and successful binary options online broker platform. It is called 10Markets and currently this is one of the most dynamic and full of options online trading solutions. Many people now decide to work with it in order to be given a great variety of options, when it comes to dealing with trading online. This broker has just appeared on the market but its services and special features seem to provoke rapidly increasing popularity and appraisal among the trading society. And this is perfectly normal, considering that the company that owns this platform is regulated and 100% reliable. Therefore, the brokerage is also certified to operate under the latest safety and security standards.


We conducted our regular scam investigation and the information we managed to gather was really considerable. If you want to learn all the truth about 10Markets and its scam/legit status, we advise you to read the full text and find out.

How to Use 10Markets Broker?

You can start earning significant daily profits by using this online brokerage. The process is easy and simple as you are given a wide choice of trading platforms, and should select the one that fits your personal preferences the most. They are divided in two main groups as the first one is focused at Forex trading and the second on binary options trading.



  • Meta Trader Mac/Windows – this is actually the platform that is especially designed to give all its users the chance to trade currencies.
  • Forex Web Trader – this is the trading tool, you should use in order to trade directly on the Forex Market via your desktop and mobile device.\
  • Binary Web Trader – this is the browser-based platform which allows you to place trades on the market by using your personal Desktop computer.
  • Binary Options Mobile App – If you are “on the go” binary options trader you are given the possibility to use the Android and iOS compatible mobile version of 10Markets.

No Download

We have already explained the different specifics of the available trading platforms 10Markets offers, so you already know that there is no download required. The web-based and extremely user-friendly interface of the solution makes it perfectly suitable to everyone.

Review Verdict: 10Markets is NOT a Scam

Visit 10Markets Official Website

How to Start with 10Markets?

There are just 3 simple steps you should follow in order to start trading. They are related to filling in the provided form, choosing account type and funding it with initial investment amount. Once you have done this, you are ready to start earning by placing either binary options trades, Forex Market trades or dealing with mirror trading.


With analyzing the payout levels of this online trading broker platform, we managed to find out that the maximum return rate may go to 81%. Considering the average winning rate in the industry, we consider the profitability level of 10Markets really high.10markets-payouts


Signing up with 10Markets is not going to cost you anything as the access to the platform is absolutely free of charge. You only have to fund your account but this money remains yours as it will be used for trading purposes only.

Is 10Markets a Scam?

10 Markets is definitely not a scam and all the results we managed to get during our thorough research prove that. The most important evidence is the fact that all the available users’ testimonials and reviews are positive. They state that the broker offers exceptional trading environment which makes it easy to earn significant daily profits. Considering all this information, we are going to issue a positive final verdict by claiming that the brokerage is legit and therefore everyone should opt for it.10-markets-secured

Account Types

  • Bronze – the needed initial deposit for this tier is just $250. Additionally, users get access to daily market reviews and webinars.
  • Silver – you have to invest $2,500+ in order to get this account. It features some additional options such as 2 week professional assistance, and 1 month signals on demand.
  • Gold – users are required to invest over $5,000 to unlock the account. In return they will receive one on line live trading session with a specialist.
  • Premium – $10,000 is the initial deposit needed here. You also get access to trading sessions with the chief analyst Jay Goldman.
  • Platinum – traders have to put $25,000 to unlock this account which gives them access to all the available special features of the broker.
  • Shared Wallet – this account option makes it possible for you to trade everything and every way by using just one account for that.

Review Verdict: 10Markets is NOT a Scam

Visit 10Markets Official Website

Customer Service

It is available 24/5 via several different channels – e-mail, web form, live chat and phone call. The current members of 10Markets state that they are absolutely satisfied with the quality level they receive in terms of on time support and guidance.



jackson“ I used to trade mainly on the Forex Market and my experience with trading binary options was pretty insufficient. As soon as I heard about 10Markets, I decided to give it a try.

I remained really pleased with the profits I was generating day after day and therefore I decided to try dealing with binary options.It is actually really easy and profitable, too. So, now I am using the shared wallet option to keep an eye of all my transactions and trades”
Jackson, 31

marcia“ I am one of the first users of 10Markets as I claimed my account only a few weeks after they became viral on the online investing market. All I can say is that I definitely don’t regret my decision as my daily profits are very solid, stable and regular.

My lifestyle has completely changed and now I am more confident and happy than ever before.”

Marcia, 55


10bb_good_choice_stamp_final10Markets is for sure one of the top online broker platforms we have ever reviewed. Its services are a lot, and all of them provide quality, fast assistance and support. All the people, that are now using the brokerage manage to accumulate serious daily income by trading on both Forex Market and binary options market.

As a result, we definitely recommend 10Markets to all traders as we are more than confident that they will remain satisfied with the results they will start to get on regular basis.