best binary is a binary options broker investigation platform. Our team of expert traders and researchers wants to turn this website into an online harbor for safe and regulated brokerages. Each and every member of our staff has dealt with many investment scams and seeks to spare this dreadful experience to regular users. In order to compile our reviews and present you with our findings, we perform extensive research into a particular binary options broker.

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Our team checks up countless commentaries and user testimonials. We test each and every brokerage and carefully consider its characteristics. The reviews seek to clear up the picture on any given binary options investment platform. Our authors unearth and reveal the scam profit amplifying solutions. Of course, we are most satisfied and content when we get the chance to recognize and recommend legit online binary brokers.

Users can learn more about the sham and reliable ones in the two review sections dedicated to them. Also, if you are in need of advice or an expert opinion on one of the binary options broker platforms – you always send an email to our team. We are quick to respond and react. This is why we are known as a website which uploads information about brokerages in the quickest manner possible. Apart from having excellent writing abilities, our investigators are also professional investors.

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They can recognize scam brokers even if they try to cover up their tracks like a needle in a haystack. You can sign up for our exclusive news by filling out the form visible on this webpage. In order to secure you a safe and sound trading process, we have also assembled a list of trusted and dependable binary options brokerage platforms.

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What a Legit Broker Should Provide to Users?

There are several distinct characteristics by which to judge a binary options broker. There is nothing complicated about them, other than the requirement to always be jazzed and observant. We composed an extensive list of the most important features a legit brokerage should provide to it users. You can find more about them as follows:

  • Regulation & Licenses: It is very important not only for a binary options broker to be regulated, but the same goes for online trading software as well. What this means is that it should be monitored and supervised by an authorized organization such as CySEC or MiFID. This should be visible on the official website of the brokerage by the presence of a stamp of approval issued by the said central body. Broker that do not have such a certificate should be avoided at all costs.

  • High Payout Rates: One of the marketing strategies that binary options brokers use to attract more users and convince them to place higher investments into their accounts is the payout one. The general idea is that as the monetary amount of the deposit increases, so does the payout rate. There is much logic in this concept, but traders should carefully keep an eye on the promised success percentages and what clients are actually achieving. A legit binary options broker should have very high return on investment standards.

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  • Clear Terms & Conditions: These set out the rules under which users and the binary options online brokerage operate and conduct business together. It also specifies the frame in which this type of investment relations are considered legal and possible. The main purpose of the terms and conditions is to inform both sides of their obligations, constraints and commitments. Also, web-based investors who read the said know very well what their rights and obligations are. They also eliminate the possibility of any unexpected and discontenting surprises. This may sound banal, but reviewing the small print should not be forgotten. It is the only way to avoid the sudden appearance of hidden taxes or delayed bank transfers. The Terms and conditions should also thoroughly inform you of the deposit and withdrawal methods and how long they should take.

  • safe riskRisk Free Trades: We are going to mention a couple of facts about this special feature. Risk Free Trades mean that any potential losses are covered entirely by the binary options brokerage. Users who have had the misfortune to execute negative trading operations are entitled to keep the initial monetary amount they placed. Lower account types usually offer 1 to 3 risk free trades. The more you rise up the account ladder – the more of them are provided.

  • Customer Support: Needless to say, this feature should be available 24/7. Usually, binary options brokers operate and accept clients from different countries around the world. Some of them are surely going to be separate time zones. Which means that there should always be somebody to address their concerns and questions. Another important element is the number of languages in which the service is provided in. As an old saying goes, the more – the merrier.

  • Reputation: Last but not least, what people think of a particular binary options broker is an imperative and relevant factor. Even if the profit amplifying solution is supervised by a regulatory body, it can still not be operating properly. There have been such cases. So, the best criterion by which to judge an online brokerage platform is by far their reputation. They should be well-regarded by user and their business partners alike.

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  • Sponsorship: Binary options brokers that sponsor different causes or sport teams are generally regarded as legit. Not only because they have achieved wide-spread fame, but mainly due to the fact that they are financially successful and have the ability to endorse. If an online brokerage was not successful it would not be doing this. And if the brokerage is indeed profitable enough to do this, then this means that it has earned traders’ trust. Otherwise, nobody would have placed his earnings with them. Such examples include 24option’s partnership with Boris Becker and the Juventus Football Club.

  • Other Factors: There are also a couple of more characteristics web-based traders should pay special attention to. Such as the variety of the Deposit & Withdrawal Methods as well as how long do they actually take. Number of tradable assets is also very important as sometimes users can not find the ones they prefer or are used to in the lists of brokerages. Copy and Social Trading functions are good. One of the easiest ways for novices to improve their skills is to follow in the steps of giants. The other one would be for the brokerage to have an expanded Education Center. The minimum trade amount per account type is also significant. And you should always know which platform provider supports your binary options broker.

Drawing the Line on Binary Options Brokers

We want to provide you with data about the best and the worst binary options brokers. There is an abundance of scam that can be found on the Internet. But we prefer to stay on the positive side of things and compiled a list with legit online brokerage platforms. You can find it below. So, to sum it all up, always remember and try to keep yourself as well-informed as possible. Also, never give up searching for reliable and profitable income generating solutions. They are out there waiting for you to sign up!

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